interplanetary research.

ICEE Space aims to facilitate space exploration research with the provision of an analogue testbed in extreme environments on Earth. Via analog astronaut missions around the world, ICEE Space offers commercial analog astronaut training and experience, and an environment to develop systems requisite for multi-planetary human civilisation.

These People Make It Happen.

We are an interdisciplinary and international team dedicated to enhance space research. 

Marc Heemskerk

Co-founder, CEO

Charlotte Pouwels

Co-founder, CTO​

Jaap Elstgeest

Systems Engineer​

Niels Voorn

Systems Engineer​

Aditi Sathe​

Flight Director

Eleonora Zanus

R&D Engineer​

Joshika Sachithanandan

R&D Engineer​

Lucie Ráčková

NPoC Czech Republic

Chanud Sithipreedanant

Head of Creative and Design

Mykyta Kliapets

Business Coordinator

Oliver Swainston

Analogue Coordinator

Onno Van de Sype

Engineer Intern