Analogue Missions

ICEE.Space is an international Space Testing, Research, and Development start-up providing professional and reliable analogue testbeds in extreme environments.

From design to implementation, we’re here to help make professional analogue missions.

Analogue astronaut missions are simulations as a means to develop and test technology while improving systems and gaining valuable insights into human behaviour and performance.

Through the utilisation of analogue missions, companies and researchers can foster innovation and acquire fresh perspectives on the challenges associated with operating in extreme environments, be it on Earth or in space.

Our End-to-End Services

We deliver turnkey analogue missions as a testbed for your space products, technologies, and research. To achieve this, we integrate and provide support for every facet of analogue missions, fostering synergistic development.

Analogue Astronaut Missions Campaigns

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System and Product Development

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is now returning to Iceland

We are accepting research proposals and applications for analogue astronauts for the next mission!

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“It is great to see that ICEE.Space is dedicated to improving their analog mission expertise and aims to bring more experts onboard. Their recent analog mission crew selection process, which involved NASA astronauts and followed space agencies best practices, is a great example of their learning curve.”

Aleš Svoboda

ESA Astronaut Reserve

“Interpersonally and professionally a great team with a long-range and supportive network. One benefits from fast response times, solid advice and enthusiastic motivation.”

Dr. Dirk Raiser

Instrument Scientist for ultra-fast physics at European XFEL and head of HR, Corps & Candidates at PARSEC Spaceflight

“The folks at ICEE.Space have been a wonderful help in providing information, sources, and expectations in our partnership with them. Regardless of if you’re a new group or have some missions under your belt, ICEE.Space can strengthen your plans and knowledge.”

Michael Holden

President of McMaster’s DARE

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