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Analogue Astronaut Missions.

At ICEE.Space we design, develop, and run Analogue Astronaut Missions serving as testbeds for human and robotic lunar research, as well as analogue astronaut training.

Featuring our flagship campaign, CHILL-ICE, and actively organising collaborative missions worldwide, we are at the forefront of advancing lunar exploration and fostering international collaboration.

Analogue astronaut missions serve as a means to test and evaluate various aspects of future space missions, such as technology, human performance, and mission protocols.

The controlled environment allows to develop and test innovative technologies, while improving systems and gaining valuable insights into human behaviour and performance. These findings contain the potential for terrestrial applications including medicine, emergency response and remote work environments.


Construction of a Habitat Inside a Lunar-analogue Lava-tube

CHILL-ICE is our leading analogue mission campaign. With a specific focus on advancing our comprehension of living and operating within lava tubes, CHILL-ICE is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of future lunar missions.

Why Lava tubes

Lava tubes are natural tunnels formed by volcanic activity. They provide unique environments that closely mimic certain aspects of extraterrestrial habitats, such as those found on the Moon and Mars.

CHILL-ICE III is returning to Iceland in August 2024!

CHILL-ICE 3 will be supported by knowledge and team members from the earlier campaigns (co-) hosted by ICEE.Space, namely the earlier two CHILL-ICE campaigns in 2021 and 2022, the APICES campaign in 2023, and the CASTHELS campaign earlier in 2024.

Our portfolio of Missions


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