Finance and Acquisition Lead

Dear candidate,

Thank you very much for your help to support ICEE.Space. As a growing, international, tech- development, demonstration, and research start-up, we hold a unique position in the European space sector. Our team is relatively young, intensely passionate, and highly interdisciplinary, making it a dynamic and diverse place to work. We work mostly online and tend to meet around the office hours, with occasional in-person meetups for our European-based colleagues. As everyone at ICEE.Space is an invaluable asset to the team and an expert in his or her own fields, your creative, critical, or logistical input is not just appreciated, but welcome and necessary; and improvements can be implemented quickly and easily throughout our team(s). This also allows you, and everyone else at ICEE.Space, to work in the way they want to, on the specific projects and tasks that fit best with their skills, their backgrounds, or the fields they want to explore more. We all tend to wear different hats, mostly figuratively, and are always open, communicative, and give each other feedback on things that went well, or maybe less so. In the end, we are all here to share our passion, work on amazing analogue missions, and learn with and from each other!

Role description

For the role of Finance and acquisition lead, ICEE.Space is looking for someone with a combination of strategic thinking, excellent communication skills, negotiation expertise, and an ability to build strong relationships with external stakeholders. The ideal candidate should be proactive, detail-oriented, and passionate about contributing to the success of the CHILL-ICE Analogue Mission. Experience in this role is preferred but not required. The main tasks currently defined and associated with this position are:

Financial bookkeeping

  • Regularly monitor and track expenditures related to sponsorship and acquisition efforts.
  • Allocate Budget for all branches of CHILL-ICE III. Ensure spending aligns with the created budget and adjust as necessary.

Sponsorship acquisition

  • Research and identify potential sponsors from various sectors relevant to the mission, such as technology, education, space research, and others. Develop personalised pitches and reach out to them.
  • Work on creating mutually beneficial sponsorship agreements, outlining terms and conditions

Partnership development

  • Attend industry events, conferences, and meetings to network and build relationships with potential partners and sponsors.
  • Collaborate with the public relations team to enhance the mission’s image and visibility.

Funding and grant application

  • Research, identify and apply to grant opportunities and other funding sources.

These tasks are set as a point of direction for the currently open tasks, and depending on your strengths, skills, and areas or fields of interest in which you are looking to expand.

The expect hourly workload is between 4 and 8 hours per week.


ICEE.Space is an international space test, research, and development start-up for future human space exploration. Via our analogue mission campaigns, such as CHILL-ICE, we provide commercial analogue astronaut experiences as testbeds for upcoming Lunar research and systems in extreme environments on Earth. This makes ICEE.Space one of the very few analogue astronaut missions hosting and testing companies in the world without any type of permanently stationed base, private location, or mission crew – whilst still being able to deliver world-class research in multiple disciplines.

We are the only terrestrial, lightweight, subsurface, and mobile analogue mission in the world, which allows us to enjoy several great competitive advantages in modularity, data capturing, high levels of field-specific expertise, and the flexibility to provide a full mission, or only key components. Still, our main strength comes from our highly international and interdisciplinary support team with industry and governmental experiences. This world-class in-house analogue astronautical knowledge, combined with our incredible flexibility and modularity, allows us to scale up or down, relocate internationally, or shift in mission duration, makes that ICEE.Space has everything to deliver quality services and products, completely to the customer’s requests.


As soon as we have introduced you to the rest of the team, our systems engineers will set up an individual email address under the ICEE.Space domain for you. You can use this to forward emails to your regular email address, but please keep all and only ICEE.Space related email to this email address. This will be a personal email address, so we will not have access to your email, but we do ask you to keep this in addition to your ‘regular’ email address.

Most of the communication that does not go via email, will be mainly spread through WhatsApp; you will be added to the group and the community after the team introduction.

For other questions and comments, feel free to reach out to ICEE.Space Co-founders Marc or Charlotte:

Marc Heemskerk

Based in

Norway (CET)

T (NL)

+31 6 3131 3439 (also WhatsApp, Signal)

T (Int’l)

+47 4622 0674


Co-founder/rock person.

Charlotte Pouwels

Based in

Czechia / Netherlands (CET)

T (NL)

+31 6 211 448 14 (also WhatsApp, Signal)


Co-Founder, physicist/engineer.

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