Analogue Consultancy

We are here to help you design and seamlessly run analogue and field expeditions anywhere around the globe.

Four successful missions over three campaigns under our belt.

Consulting and essential systems, all in one place.

Experience in space exploration outreach, keynote, science communication & SMM.

Our extra sparkle.

Our technology has been tested in the course of four missions over three campaigns, demonstrating our ability to successfully deliver missions with a high scientific return.

Request Expedition Consultancy and Mission Support

Explore our comprehensive services designed to facilitate every aspect of your mission.

We are happy to offer assistance in:

Develop a mission schedule tailored to your objectives.

Receive expert advice on organising expeditions worldwide.

Benefit from our expertise in seamlessly running analogue astronaut missions.

Access support in allocating staff for your Mission Control Center, whether on-site or remotely.

Rely on us for efficient organisation of logistics, shipments, and travel arrangements.

Receive guidance on applying for grants to support your mission.

Enhance your mission’s visibility with comprehensive coverage on social media platforms.

For Icelandic analogues we also provide:

A mandatory permit for operations in specific Icelandic lava tubes.

Guided tours led by an exogeologist, offering unique insights into Icelandic analogues.

Rent Analogue Systems

Explore our range of systems designed for exceptional analogue mission experiences. We provide rental and shipping services for everything you need:

Light-weight inflatable analogue habitat

Choose from a deployable pressurised simulated analogue habitat, validated in previous missions, or opt for a custom habitat tailored specifically for your expedition.

Analogue spacesuit

Experience a simulated space suit complete with expert training on donning and doffing. Customise with biometrical monitoring and other add-ons to best suit your mission.

Energy System

Utilise a PVES power system suitable for remote areas, supporting all operations and habitat systems. This system is capable of functioning up to 200 metres underground.

Communication System

Stay connected with a telecommunication system supporting video and audio functions for mission activities. The system is engineered to operate up to 200 metres underground and accommodate multiple users.

Customise with
On-Site Add-Ons

Elevate your missions for optimal success by incorporating our on-site add-ons. Choose from the following offerings:

On-Site Training

Upon request, we offer the option to include supplementary workshops, lectures, environmental awareness programs, and specific training sessions tailored to enhance your analogue mission or field expedition.

On-Site Consultants

Access a pool of experts including physicists, systems engineers, R&D engineers, flight control directors, analogue coordinators, and other space consultants, available on demand.